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Meets on sandy soil. It is noted at depths to 7m. It is widespread on northern, western and southern coast of the lake Ik. In the North and the West meet occasionally, in the south it is frequent. The cosmopolitan mezoyevtrofny gidrofit.

It is met on sandy soil. It is noted at a depth 5m. Ik is found on the northern coast of the lake. The single find is found (since a gerbarny sample without balsas, definition is conditional). Evraziatsky mezotrofny gidrofit.

Freezing of the lake and formation of a steady ice cover happens on average at the end of October – the middle of November. Opening – usually in the middle of May. Transparency of water makes 0,75m. Izveteny waters insignificant it is also observed only in the second half of July.

vegetable communities by a zalozheniye of the detailed trial areas on branches of the main course or are described, during more fluent work, the vegetation in its natural borders is written off or only references to the similar, earlier made descriptions are made;

In details – route (geobotanical researches in all cases have territorialna the ultimate goal to give more total characteristic of vegetable associations and formations in the studied territory accompanied with the card of their placement and the quantitative accounting of the areas occupied with them.

Stationary researches represent the fullest and profound type of geobotanical works. They are, as a rule, made on small squares and cover specially chosen and most characteristic for this territory of a fitotsenoza.

For increase of accuracy of the description it is sometimes expedient to divide the trial square at 4 separately considered squares in which the description separately is formed and the abundance of types is defined.

The concept flora is accepted according to views of A.I to whom B.F Sviridenko refers. A.I noted that the geographical, but not topographical or formational contents has idea of flora. Therefore at such approach; as B.F Sviridenko claims referring to Vynoyev, as the low level of application of this concept the flora of a landshavt can serve.