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The week (monthly) work-rest schedule includes the schedule of for work (the schedule of working in shifts). It is defined by quantity and the days off and hours for a week (month), rather a of the working days and days of an, alternation of work in the distinguished changes.

The intra replaceable work-rest schedule has to include ­­ for lunch and short-term breaks on rest. Rest has to be as it is more effective, than the arising irregularly at the discretion of the worker.

Schedules (schedule) of exits of workers and employees for work have - important value for the rational organization of work as are a form of coordination of joint work on time, and also influence extent of use of the equipment installed at the enterprise. They have also important social value as for each worker define a work-rest schedule within a week and longer calendar periods.

The first principle is that at a choice of an optimum work-rest schedule it is required to determine such parameters which promote the best use of business assets and provide the greatest production efficiency. Work-rest schedules are under construction in relation to the most rational production mode to provide the normal course of technological process, performance of the set outputs, high-quality and timely carrying out scheduled maintenance and survey of the equipment at reduction of its idle times in working hours.

It is necessary to develop new work-rest schedules and to improve existing proceeding from features of change of a. If operating time coincides with the periods of working capacity, the will be able to execute a work maximum at the minimum expenditure of an and the minimum.

The mode of flexible working hours is such form of the organization of time at which for certain workers or of determine uniform time of their daily presence on the workplaces and the defines intervals of working hours, duration at discretion. At the same time an indispensable condition is

At five-day working week with two days off on Saturday and Sunday nature of changes of working capacity remains. However in connection with a two-day break in work there can be some violation of a dynamic stereotype, and the period

Intra replaceable work-rest schedule - an order of alternation of a of a and rest during a shift. A basis for development of any intra replaceable work-rest schedule is dynamics of working capacity. When developing an intra replaceable operating mode the total value of time for rest, distribution of this time throughout change (breaks in work and their duration), nature of rest is defined with conditions of production and features of each concrete type of works.

In this regard it should be noted that an evidence-based work-rest schedule at the enterprises is such mode which in the best way provides a simultaneous combination of increase of working capacity and labor productivity, preservation of health of workers, creating favorable conditions for all-round development of the person.

Recently non-standard of work and rest, and in particular the mode of flexible working hours (GR find for themselves application. Their feature and value is that they to a combination of and personal interests, increase of pithiness and improvement of of work, fuller of reserves of growth of efficiency of a.

The third principle assumes that the work-rest schedule has to be focused on the account and providing in a certain degree of satisfaction of personal interests of workers and separate categories of workers (women, youth, pupils, etc.).

In the course of work working capacity, i.e. a of a to work of an sort, and, and an are exposed to. rayoboto at the level - a main objective of the mode of work and an.

At the single-shift mode work has to begin not earlier than 8-9, at the two-shift - not earlier than 6 hours (the first change), and to no later than 0 (the second changes. At the three-shift mode the beginning of work of a night shift has to be no later than 0 hours.