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The manager has to be the leader, worthy imitations. On it it is necessary to stop and tell in more detail. The main task of the manager – to do serious work by means of other people, to achieve collective work. It means cooperation, but not intimidation. The good manager also interests of all firm always worry. It to balance interest of group, interests of "boss" and other managers, need of performance of work with need to find time for training, production interests with needs of subordinates.

The leader has to be courageous. He will always try to find a new way to carry out a task only because this way is better. But it never does it unreasonable. If he allows someone to make experiment and that will terminate in failure, he will not lay blame on it and will not lose in it faith.

This concept narrower is also applied only to management of sotsiyoalno-economic processes at the level of the firm operating in market conditions though recently its began to apply in the USA and to not enterprise organizations.

Continuous fight for sales markets, energy resources and profitability do necessary promotion of new ideas and continuous adaptation. Therefore heads have to be inventive and capable to react to changes of a situation flexibly.

Many traditional schools and methods of management exhausted the opportunities and do not answer calls of the present and future. Therefore new, more modern administrative receptions are required, and many managers have to master other approaches concerning the subordinates.

The leader is tactful and attentive. Basic principle: to criticize work, but not the person, it carrying out. One wise man told that each critical remark needs to be packed as sandwich – between two chunks of praise.

Dictator (9. Management style, is completely focused on production and paying not enough attention to people. It is a rigid course of the administrator. Work in such conditions does not bring an. Everyone tries to leave submission.

1 Difficult problems in the increasing measure are demanded by association of efforts of several people who are in common carrying out their decision. Therefore the manager has to be able to create and improve the groups capable quickly to become inventive and in work.

Sets this example the manager's profession and that the professional in this case can make is how important. But to reach high level in management it is necessary to know accurately the functions and that is meant them. About it, i.e. about functions of the manager the speech in this paper will also go.

But despite almost ideal qualities which the manager, he first of all the person has to possess. With all of its, features of its character, a form of relationship with people. As to any person, character and a are inherent in him. Its style, a method, management type also depends on it in most cases.

Eventually everyone finds the style. One is dynamic, charming, capable to inspire others. Another is quiet, reserved in the speech and behavior. However both of them can act with an equal – to inspire to themselves trust and to achieve that work was expedited and is qualitative. But some characteristic features, nevertheless are inherent in leaders of various styles.

Organizer (9. The most productive type considering needs of production, and also people. The major characteristic – tendency to innovations, aiming at development of the organization. The enterprise at such manager prospers. But such it is practically not real.

The leader loves people. If work of the manager consists in an people as he can carry out it well if does not love people. The best leaders care of the employees. Interests them that do others. The good leader is available and does not hide behind an office door. The best leaders are human, they realize own weaknesses that does them more tolerant to weaknesses of others.

With development of market economy, in particular in our country, the terms "management" and "manager", quickly and strongly were included into our life and into our dictionary use, having replaced such terms as "management", "administrative activity", "head", "director". Though all these words are synonyms on the relation to each other, the term "management" makes broader sense. In general, "management" is an impact of the managing director of system (the subject of management) on the operated system (object of management) for the purpose of transfer of the operated system in the demanded state. In particular, as the subject of management the manager acts.