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The first stage in development of collective is characterized by that requirements of the teacher to pupils act as the rallying means. "The requirement stated in shape, not allowing objections, is necessary in each collective at the beginning.

It is impossible to create such collective at once, the long time for this purpose is required. In this regard usually allocate three stages in development of collective. The criterion of this development is considered the relation of collective to the imposed pedagogical requirements.

The second stage of development of this requirement when the first, second, third, fourth activists when about you the group of boys and girls who consciously want to support discipline is organized came over to your side.

The main sign of collective is co-ordination, durability and effectiveness of business relations and responsible dependences between pupils. The mutual responsibility and amnesty which cornerstone personal, uzkogruppovy likes and dislikes most often are, are considered as an antipode of collective and a collectivism.

In the conditions of intensive social development the role of the moral beginnings increases in all life of society. In the world there is an unanimous opinion that the moral ideal induces to imitation, for self-education the standard is necessary is moral the well-mannered identity of the school student who has to correspond to the following indicators:

The second situation is connected with that education cannot be limited only to personal influence of the teacher on each pupil. It surely has to be supported with versatile influence of collective which not only provides freedom and security of the personality, but also acts as the carrier of healthy morals and accumulates in itself richness of the moral and art esthetic relations. Therefore in the course of pedagogical work it is necessary to create healthy and solid educational collective and was able to use it for versatile development of the personality. Without such collective it is difficult to count on high efficiency of education.