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The head has to be resolute. The leader is always ready to make decisions. When there is all necessary information, the correct decision always lies on a surface. It is more difficult when not all basic data are known, but the decision needs all the same to be made. The true courage is required to make the decision and to understand thus that it can be wrong.

Organizational systems are not able to provide all opportunities for training which are required for the modern head. Therefore each manager has to keep itself continuous own growth and development.

The leader is always honest. To be honest in relation to the management is to say to higher managers that, perhaps, it is not always pleasant to them to hear. To be honest in relation to subordinates is to speak when they are right and when they are wrong. To be honest is an ability to recognize the mistakes. It is not always easy to tell the truth, without having restrained feeling of others and without having seemed tactless, but honesty in interests of general welfare – firm and its employees – always has to be above all.

Justice – too important line of the leader. For example, if the employee receives an extra charge, and he made nothing that to it, you, possibly will have ten dissatisfied. When the makes a mistake, he needs to indicate it, it has to it, and then it is necessary to forget about it.