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The receiver together with the controlling software is the advanced system for collecting geographical data. These GPS systems are developed for exact cartography, creation and modern drawing up databases of Geographical Information System. Together with the high-operational controlling software and the exact receiver you can quickly define an exact site and write down information in a digital form which can be an ottranslirovana in a spatial database on your choice later.

Today, owing to development of a radar-location in geodesy Global Position Systems (Global Position System are created – GPS) are satellite position systems. Consists of the operational satellites working round the clock at Earth orbit, providing information worldwide, in any weather, 24 hours per day in any situation.

Let's express sizes of capacities of the sensor through lengths of l of condensers, the measured level h, capacity per unit length in air and a relative dielectric constant of the studied environment. Then;;;. Respectively expression for as follows:

By the simplest method of measurement of levels, i.e. distances of an order of shares of meter or several meters, use of large-scale converters in the form of lever or belt drives with the subsequent measurement of rather small output movements is.