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wall between windows with mirrors, three doors, white with gold, luxury of their desyudeport, and imperceptibly a whiteness and gold in narrow strips translate your attention to warm walls amber, simple by sight, and involuntarily you pulls to

are issued in different styles – regular and landscape. Except the natural and artificially created reservoirs, magnificent parterny beds and picturesque groves decoration of parks are the pavilions built for amusements of members of an imperial family and their guests.

To know the culture, the roots it is necessary. This postulate does not need to be proved. It is enough to notice – and, most likely, it will be right (though it is not new) – that without the past there is no future, there is no development, both the certain person, and all society.

"Rastrelli managed to put this wonderful material with a clear print of an art of other generation in such conditions that all surrounding this extraordinary amber poem of beauty does not hurt the eyes, and it seems only easy

The city continued to develop in reign of the Emperor Alexander II and in it the classical gymnasium was open, was not built any new big palace buildings, but all existing was supported in a perfect order and the new Babolovsky park was broken.

to small park round new stone chambers and, having appointed part of the wood under a menagerie, ordered to fence its tyny. Except an alder grove and fir "", put on border of park, garden affairs to the master Jan Rosen it was entrusted to part an extensive orchard along present Sadovaya Street, and at a fencing of a menagerie to arrange hotbeds and greenhouses